About Me

Hi and welcome to my Weird & Wonderful World!

“ The wound is where the light enters” – Rumi

My name is Yulia. I warmly welcome and appreciate you being here. I have created this space for likeminded people, kindred spirits and all those who are inquisitive about the spiritual realms and self healing practices. Realise and gently remind yourself that by taking this fundamental step towards self healing and inner transformation you equip yourself with invaluable life resources, tools and skills to help you progress on your journey, whatever it may be for you in this moment of time.

I live in East London and it’s also where my home herbal garden and remedy lab is based. I make tinctures, teas, ointments and balms from the herbs grown in my home, as well as sage smudge kits. Practising and teaching Yoga and Pranayama techniques contributed enormously to my daily routine throughout several years prior my commitment to my Wild Sage Therapy project on full time basis.

This is a safe and non judgemental space where absolutely all emotions and feelings are validated and respected. It is the place to relinquish all control, emotional stiffness, resentment, rigidity, guilt, shame, blame and anger. If it strikes a chord within, use this opportunity for inner growth and change. Treat its as a continuously boiling melting pot of unprocessed and suppressed emotions, childhood trauma and life long feeling of not being enough, not belonging or feeling isolated.
Above all it is a refuge, a sanctuary offering support, kindness and guidance available and open to all who may need to seek for ways to self heal and transform.

My intention is to cultivate an atmosphere of kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, mutual respect and support in this environment. All the study material, exercises, learning tools & personal experience presented on my website have one purpose only – to help you realise that healing is possible. Self healing may be a deeply painful yet an incredibly rewarding process. It is advised to go at your own pace, it is not a race or competition. Reminding yourself of that helps to alleviate strong reactions or being triggered by internal changes taking place.

Whether you are already familiar with holistic self-healing practices or just testing the waters, I gently encourage you to keep an open mind and heart. Trust, patience and forgiveness of one’s self are fundamental on this journey. You may also have come across the wounded healer archetype and the idea that those who seek to help others are doing so to ultimately help themselves. I personally find that by helping others with similar mental and emotional issues to my own or difficult past traumas helps me to climb the spiritual healing ladder and raise the vibrational frequency. By serving others unconditionally I’ve had some powerful insights and realisations on multidimensional scale.

Lastly, I must make it very clear that I am not a certified and practicing psychotherapist and cannot be hold accountable for the worsening of your existing medical condition. Please do not use the information on this website as a treatment plan to cure yourself of an illness or chronic disease which should be treated under the supervision of a medical professional. I also reserve the right to discontinue private online sessions if I have a valid reason to believe the intentions of the participant do to stem from the sincere or authentic nature of intent.

All starts from within