🔮Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn demands structure, discipline & meticulous planning when it comes to Full Moon rituals. It is the time to draw your attention towards realistic dreams, responsibilities, structure & order, financial situations authority and stamina. Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign with Earth in its element and ruling planet Saturn. This is also the time to deal with financial matters, work on your public image, master your existing skills, taking control over repressed emotions & strengthening the physical body. If you’re a crystal healing devotee or feel like some extra grounding energy will benefit you during this lunar transition, this is a ritual worth trying. Working with crystals is a perfect way to realign with universal cosmic energies in a subtle yet powerful way. Here is a brief crystal guide to refer to during this lunar cycle:
🔮Amethyst; Malachite, Clear Quartz; Smokey Quartz; Moonstone; Selenite & Howlite. 🔮Full Moon ritual for transmuting energy & releasing all that no longer serves you. Method: Using a black or dark green candle which represents this lunar energy, then taking a white candle for purification & healing. Light both candles and let them burn down together whilst repeating the Forgiveness formulae: “I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. God is love, and I am forgiven and governed by God’s love alone. God’s love is now adjusting my life. Realising this, I abide in peace. I am healed, my life is healed. And so it.” 🔮 Full Moon is an important time for forgiveness, to practice gratitude and release all that no longer serves you in your life. Make a list of things, habits, limiting belief, relationships & grudges that no longer serve you. After writing them down, read the list out loud and then burn it if you wish. Forgive, forgive, forgive and all is well.

Warm wishes,