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Hi and welcome to my Weird & Wonderful World!

“ The wound is where the light enters” – Rumi

My name is Yulia. I warmly welcome and appreciate you being here. I have created this space for likeminded people, kindred spirits and all those who are inquisitive about the spiritual realms and self healing practices. Realise and gently remind yourself that by taking this fundamental step towards self healing and inner transformation you equip yourself with invaluable life resources, tools and skills to help you progress on your journey, whatever it may be for you in this moment of time.

Why You Should Choose Me

10 years of experience

I have over a decade of teaching and personal insight experience involving yoga, CBT, NLP, sharing circles, group and art therapy, equine therapy, herbal medicine and shamanic energy work. My personal health history includes suffering from bulimia nervosa since the age of 16 and I can now safely say I have accomplished tremendous results on the path of healing and self acceptance. I am a devoted student of Lise Bourbeau and acquire vast knowledge and inspirations from her teachings and widows. I have worked with a diverse group of people from a variety of different life circumstances such as corporate executive, young professionals in a creative industry and charity sector clients living on the streets, recovered substance and alcohol abusers and individuals suffering from eating disorders.

Big choice

I offer 1-2-1 multifaceted therapy sessions on Zoom, as well a wide spectrum of free tools and resources which promote inner harmony, enhance chi and creativity levels, alleviate stress and stabilise severe mood swings. You are welcome to choose whichever option resonates with you. You may also wish to chose for the options to compliment one another experience the profound transformation effects when combined together. I also encourage you to explore my ‘Magic Kits’ which essentially act as instant relief from anxiety, mild panic attacks and serve as emotional anchor in challenging situations.

Peace of mind

I have a gift of creating a safe, peaceful and nurturing environment where I hold the space for the client to embrace and process anything that may come up and to pacify any acute emotional states. My spiritual voyage has naturally progressed to natural remedies and energy healing craft, which I resonate with and it feels like second nature. In most cases my role is a facilitator mediating between the client and the health issue they are focusing on. I work together with the client with the emphasis on healing energy exchange, creating a compassionate dialogue and mutual respect, rather than keeping things formal and rigid. Many of my clients have progressed immensely on their spiritual journey and healing, which I support and wholeheartedly encourage. I recommend having an open mind and accepting the treatment as a ongoing process, rather than a quick fix of the symptoms.

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